Cavile Place Update

Building on the vision and the underlying goals of the 2013 Stop Six Transformation Plan, FWHS and its partners have begun a process to update and refine the plan’s key elements in preparation for a HUD Choice Neighborhoods Implementation Grant application in 2019.

Kendrick Richardson weighs in on ideas for a playground at a redeveloped Cavile Place

This highly competitive grant program provides $30 million for targeted investments in housing, supportive services and critical community improvements, all aimed at comprehensively transforming dis-invested neighborhoods. FWHS has assembled an experienced team of affordable housing developers, architects, urban planners, and consultants to assist in this process.

In both June and July 2019, this team met with Cavile residents, elected officials and other community stakeholders to provide updates, as well as gain insights into neighborhood history and cultural identity; community strengths, weaknesses and opportunities; and design and amenity preferences. During the week of July 8th, 2019, this team began preparing initial updates to the physical elements of the neighborhood and housing strategies and the planning elements of the supportive services or people strategy. Progress was made available for the community’s review and comment through an Open House on July 10th. After incorporating this feedback, the resulting strategies were then presented to the community on July 11th using this presentation.

FWHS is extremely excited to see the transformation of this community to the benefit of existing Cavile Place residents, as well as the broader Stop Six neighborhood.