Report Fraud

Do you know someone who . . .

  •  Doesn’t report their entire household income?
  • Doesn’t report everyone living or not living in the household?
  • Rents or sublets their rent-assisted apartment or house?
  • Accepts or makes rental payments not approved by FWHS?
  • Commits criminal activity while being assisted or employed by FWHS?
  • Steals time, money, or resources from FWHS?
  • Pays or accepts bribes?
  • Benefits illegally from FWHS business or programs?

If you know that someone on housing, an FWHS employee, FWHS landlord, FWHS vendor, or anyone associated with FWHS has committed fraud, waste, or abuse, you are encouraged to fill out and submit a form with detailed information. All reporting is confidential, and no information regarding the outcome of an investigation will be provided to those who make a report.

Housing Fraud Report

Report Fraud

Person you are reporting

I am reporting the fraudulent behavior of the person who resides as follows:

Person has unauthorized occupant(s)

Person or household member has unreported income

Person's child(ren) no longer in the household

Person or household member(s) has engaged in criminal activity

Waste abuse

Optional contact information

I understand that in order to protect confidentiality, FWHS will not discuss the outcome of any investigation resulting from information I choose to report.

You may also call 817-333-3404, or mail the information to:

1201 East 13th St.
Fort Worth, TX 76102