FAQs About Choice Mobility Vouchers

This document explains in-depth the FWHS policy and procedures for RAD Choice Mobility Vouchers.  Below are some of the questions you may have about the program.  As soon as the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, Assisted Housing staff will offer open sessions every month about Choice Mobility Vouchers.

How long do I have to wait until I can get a Choice Mobility Voucher?

RAD residents are eligible for this type of voucher 24 months after moving into a RAD property or after the Housing Assistance Payment contract is executed (whichever came later). Being eligible doesn’t mean you automatically receive one.  You will need to request the voucher and it is likely you will be on a wait list.

Do I automatically get a Choice Mobility Voucher as soon as I am eligible?

No.  You must to submit a written request to the manager of your apartment community as early as 90 days before your eligibility date.  We require that you use this request form (on p. 4).  The property manager will determine if you meet the residency requirement. If you do, he or she will send a referral form to the FWHS Assisted Housing Admissions Office. The office will put you on the Choice Mobility wait list and send you a receipt confirming that you are on the list.

How long will I be on the wait list?

It is hard to say. FWHS policy limits the availability of Choice Mobility Vouchers to one-third of its annual turnover of Housing Choice Vouchers.  The Assisted Housing staff monitors the turnover rate monthly.  Anyone on the wait list can find out the turnover rate for any given month.

Can I get a house with a Choice Mobility Voucher?

Yes, if you can find a rental home whose landlord accepts vouchers. Also, the Assisted Housing Admissions Department will need to determine whether the rent is reasonable.  The landlord may have other screening criteria that you have to meet, as well.

What if I am on the Choice Mobility Voucher wait list and relocate to another rental property? Will I be able to stay on the wait list?

It’s not a good idea to move if you want to remain on the wait list. If you relocate to a new RAD unit at another property, the 24-month clock will reset and you will be removed from the wait list.  You will need to re-apply once you have lived at the new RAD property for 24 months.  If you move into the private rental market, you will be removed from the Choice Mobility wait list and you will no longer be eligible.

If I am already on the Housing Choice Voucher wait list, am I also eligible for a Choice Mobility Voucher?

Yes. You can actually be on both wait lists. As explained, you will be removed from the Choice Mobility wait list if you move from your RAD unit to another property, but you will remain on the wait list for a Housing Choice Voucher.  If you receive a Housing Choice Voucher and are able to lease up with it, you will be removed from the Choice Mobility list.  However, if you unable to lease up with your Housing Choice Voucher you will remain on the Choice Mobility wait list and keep your place.

Are there eligibility requirements in the Choice Mobility Voucher program?

Yes, and they are the same as with the Housing Choice Voucher program. When your name is drawn from the Choice Mobility Voucher wait list, you will be invited to attend an eligibility interview, and later, a Housing Choice Voucher briefing where you will learn all about the requirements.  All the requirements are explained in the Housing Choice Voucher Administrative Plan.