FWHS Family Self-Sufficiency Graduate Britney Roberts Shares Her Program Experience

By May 18, 2023 Features

Britney Roberts first signed up for the Housing Choice Voucher program in 2015, and after seven years of working with Fort Worth Housing Solutions, she has now graduated from the Family Self-Sufficiency and Homeownership programs and owns her own home. 

“I was a single mom, and [these programs] helped a lot,” Roberts said. “Everything was too expensive to be able to do it on my own. This program came in handy and gave me and my children an opportunity to not only grow within the program, but to also successfully exit the program and to be self-sufficient.” 

As she was working her way through the FSS and Homeownership programs, Roberts was also working her way through her bachelor’s and master’s degrees. She now has an associate’s degree (graduated in 2019), bachelor’s degree (graduated in 2021) and her master’s degree (graduated in 2022). 

Deana Broussard, FWHS’ Director of Client and Customer Service, said her favorite part about the work her team does for clients like Roberts is being there for every step of their journey to self-sufficiency. 

“We have the ability to see someone start out on a level that may not have, you know, the higher education or the skills or what have you. We see them working hard towards their goals, getting back into training, going back to school, you know, securing transportation, we see the struggles when they’re doing that, and then we get to celebrate the success when they actually complete those goals.” 

Roberts said she is so grateful for the help she received from these programs because she felt as though she was given the support she needed to succeed.  

“You don’t have to do it by yourself,” Roberts said. “I did most of the process by myself until FSS came along, so if individuals know about this program in the beginning it can be very, very helpful. It can be very helpful to know that they’re not doing it alone.”