Fort Worth Housing Solutions’ Homeownership Program allows individuals and families who have qualified for a Housing Choice Voucher to use rental assistance vouchers to buy a home and help cover monthly homeownership expenses.

The program is an important tool toward moving households toward financial self-sufficiency. One of the most common ways that people inherit and pass on generational wealth is through real estate. The purchase of a home is often the first opportunity people have to own real estate.

Eligible HCV participants may use rental assistance vouchers to pay mortgage expenses, including the principal and interest on a home loan, property taxes, homeowners’ insurance and a utility allowance.

Participants attend homeownership training sessions and gain insight into the responsibilities of owning a home, personal credit repair, budgeting, home financing and other helpful topics.

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Interested HCV participants will be invited to an orientation meeting to learn how the program works.

Homeownership Program participants must:

  • Be a FWHS Housing Choice Voucher Program participant for at least one year.
  • Be employed full-time and have an annual income of at least $16,000. (Elderly persons and individuals with disabilities are exempt from the employment requirement.)
  • Be a first time home-buyer as defined by HUD.
  • Have at least $2,000 in personal savings.
  • Have a minimum down payment of 3% of the sales price
  • 1% of the minimum down-payment must come from the participant’s personal funds.
  • Complete Homeownership Program pre-purchase education, training and counseling sessions.

Applicants who have lived in the City of Fort Worth for at least seven months may qualify from city-funded down payment and closing costs assistance.

For elderly or disabled HCV residents, the adult family members who will own the home must have an annual income that is not less than the monthly Federal Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefit for an individual living alone multiplied by 12. These families are exempt from the employment requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a rent-to-own program?

No. The Homeownership Program provides assistance with mortgage expenses for Housing Choice Participants who purchase a home. You must be determined to be “mortgage ready.”

Do I have to be a Housing Choice Voucher holder to qualify for the Homeownership Program?

Yes. You must be a HCV resident receiving rental assistance for at least one year before you are eligible for the Homeownership Program.

I am not currently working. Can I apply for the program?

No. You must be employed full-time. Elderly persons and individuals with disabilities are exempt from the employment requirements.

I have bad credit. What can I do?

Homeownership Program team members will introduce you to a credit counselor who will help you develop a plan of action for credit repair.

If I am denied, can I re-apply?

Yes, once you have met the threshold requirements.

Steps to Homeownership

  1. Ensure you meet the minimum requirements.
  2. Submit a letter of interest.
  3. Attend the orientation meeting.
  4. Complete the application.
  5. Complete homeownership education and counseling sessions to become “mortgage ready.”
  6. Seek financing from a local mortgage lender; secure pre-approval letter.
  7. Shop for your home.
  8. Schedule property inspection by an approved Housing Quality Standards inspector and independent professional home inspector.
  9. Ensure that required repairs are made prior to closing.
  10. Proceed to closing.

Note: Action plans are customized for individual HCV clients.


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