Rent Increase Request Form

Rent Increase Request & Verification of Utilities
In order to process your Rent Increase this form must be filled out in its entirety and sent to
the Inspection Department at or fax to (817) 333‐3550 at least 60
days prior to the anniversary date.
This portion Must be filled out.
Please specify the appliances:
Water Heater
If Yes:
Tenant CURRENTLY PAYS: (Check all that apply)
CHANGE to tenant pays: (Check all that apply)
Owners Certifications: A. The program regulation requires the PHA to certify that the rent charged to the housing choice voucher tenant is not more than the rent charged for other unassisted comparable units. Owners of project with more than 4 units MUST complete the following section for most recently leased comparable unassisted units within the premises.
A rent reasonable survey will be conducted to ensure the rent amount approved is in accordance to HUD regulations. If the rent is not rent reasonable, a denial letter will be sent to the landlord and client.

Note: The client may relocate at their anniversary date if proper notice is given to the landlord and FWHS. If the new rent amount creates a burden to the client, the client has the right to give the landlord proper notice to relocate. Effective date of the increase will be either the anniversary date or 60 days after the 1st of the month following the receipt of the increase request. The client may contact the counselor if there are any questions.