Subsidy Standards

There has been a change in the Housing Choice Voucher Subsidy Standards. Please read the following information carefully, and contact your Housing Counselor with any questions.

  • In an effort to reduce costs in the HCV program, effective January 1, 2009, the subsidy standards are being changed.

Currently, subsidy (assistance size) is based on two persons per bedroom with a separate bedroom for the head of household and children of the opposite sex over the age of four. Effective January 1, 2009, subsidy will not provide a separate bedroom for the head of household. Affected families will have the option of moving to a smaller size unit at the expiration of their lease, or paying a higher portion of the rent.

Example: Current Subsidy New Subsidy (eff 1/1/09)
Household Composition Head of Household, 12-yr old daughter, 14-yr old son Head of Household, 12-yr old daughter, 14-yr old son
Bedrooms Allowed 3 2
  • The Fort Worth Housing Solutions (FWHS) will conduct annual criminal records checks at the time of each family’s recertification. Families may be withdrawn from the HCV Program if they are in violation of the Screening and Eviction for Drug Abuse and Criminal Activity (SEDACA) policy with recent criminal activity by household members or guests. The policy is available by request at the receptionist’s desk at our corporate office.
  • FWHS is actively investigating fraud cases. Fraud includes, but is not limited to, unreported income, unauthorized occupants, and making side payments to a landlord. Cases involving fraud will be referred to the Office of Inspector General for possible prosecution.