New Housing Counselor Assignments

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Re-Certification Counselors (assigned by client last name)

Sandra Silva
From A to Colt
817-333-3613 phone
817-333-3645 fax

Felicia Mayberry
From Colv to Harv
817-333-3406 phone
817-333-3527 fax

Terry Creear
From Hask to Mage
817-333-3614 phone
817-333-3624 fax

Kevin Hunter
From Magr to Rand
817-333-3608 phone
817-333-3597 fax

Pam Sherman
From Rank to Z
817-333-3611 phone
817-333-3641 fax

Interim Recertification Counselors

Jody Stigler
From A to H
817-333-3609 phone
817-333-3623 fax

Joyce Siler
From I to P
817-333-3617 phone
817-333-3627 fax

Jeanette Crocker
From Q to Z
817-333-3610 phone
817-333-3626 fax

Contracts Counselor

Tangela Caldwell
817-333-3616 phone
817-333-3622 fax

PBV Coordinator

Kimberlee Davis
817-333-3668 phone
817-333-3535 fax