After the first 12 months of your first lease, you may be able to relocate and use your voucher in a new home.  For this to happen, a relocation request must be made in writing to your housing counselor within 10 days of the date listed on your annual re-certification letter. You must also notify your landlord that you would like to move out (in compliance with your lease agreement).

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Fort Worth Housing Solutions encourages families to use their vouchers in areas where there is little poverty. These neighborhoods are likely to offer better access to job opportunities, good schools, grocery stores and other needs. Also, studies show that children’s health and academic performance improve after moving to low-poverty areas.

If you decide to use your voucher in a neighborhood where rents may be higher, you will likely receive more assistance toward rent and utilities. This is because HUD has changed the way fair market rent is determined. Before April 2018, rental assistance was based on a single fair market rent for the entire City of Fort Worth. Now, every single zip code has its own fair market rent, resulting in a different payment standard.

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You may wonder if you can afford to move and use your voucher in a better neighborhood. Our affordability calculator below will help you know the answer.

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