Good Tenant/Good Neighbor

All voucher-holders must take a Good Tenant/Good Neighbor workshop within 90 days of contract activation.  The class is offered several times monthly at the FWHS main building. Check the calendar to find a class that’s convenient. If you require an accommodation due to a disability or language barrier, contact your Housing Counselor.

Annual Re-Certification and Reporting Changes in Income/Family Size 

All voucher-holders must re-certify every year and must report all changes in household income to FWHS within 10 days of the change. Notify FWHS of any income loss through the online Income Reduction Notification form. You may also notify us in writing by mail, fax or in-person. An income decrease will be effective the first of the next month, after the decrease is reported. An increase will go into effect 30 days from the date of the change.

Adding/Removing Household Members

In order to add someone to your household, you must get written permission from FWHS and the landlord before he or she can move in. The request must be made in writing. Any changes may be reported to

Background checks will be completed on all new household members 18 and older. If adding minors you must submit any court-ordered documents, guardianship or CPS documents. Notify FWHS in writing of the birth, adoption or court-awarded custody of a minor. Also, notify us in writing within 10 days if any family member moves out.

No unauthorized occupants allowed.

No one may live in your unit or use your mailing address unless they are listed on your official application or unless they are approved by FWHS to be added to your household.

Check out our affordability calculator to see what you can afford

Our affordability calculator will allow you to quickly figure out if you can afford the housing unit you have selected. You will be shown how to use this calculator when you come in for your annual recertification. However, you may want to try it yourself!

Your housing counselor will give you the forms that contain the information you’ll need for the calculator. The forms are: Resident Worksheet, TTP form, Payment Standards and Utility Allowance chart.

Please remember:  the Payment Standard is the amount that your rent cannot go over, unless some or all of the utilities are paid.  Our affordability calculator lets you select the utilities that you are responsible for. Then it calculates whether you can afford the unit you’ve selected.


Apartment Problems

If you are having a problem with your apartment, your first step is to speak with your landlord. We recommend that you put any complaint in writing and keep a copy for your records. If your complaint is about the need for a repair and the owner does not respond, then contact your housing counselor.

Our Services

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